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Temporary teachers might loose their job

As the educational wing of the government is all set to publish the results for the permanent vacancy fulfillment, it is more likely that the ones hired as the temporary teachers from the year 2063 and after might loose their job.

The results of the exam which was taken last year for the Medium level teachers featuring 13,000 of them are soon to be published. Once the results are out, an interview will be held to guide the selection process ahead.

A point to be noted however that the talk held between the teachers organization and Nepal Government clearly states that bonus point will be awarded to the temporary teachers hired before the year 2063. Also, the agreement reads that they can’t be detached from the job even if they aren’t found qualified for the post. However, the same isn’t true for the ones hired after the year of 2063 B.S. and might loose the job if they aren’t better then their counterparts.

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