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The British College accredited as an independent higher education institution

The British College has been designated as an Independent Higher Education Provider by the British Accreditation Council (BAC).

The institution already holds the title of Approved Higher Education Franchise Partner for their UK university partners, the University of the West of England and Leeds Beckett University, according to the college.

“This honor is the outcome of a thorough inspection procedure in which many members of the College’s staff and students participated. It comprised a comprehensive examination of all College facilities, including courses, academic staff, departments, buildings, resources, and online capabilities, as well as extracurricular activities and employability.”

As a result, BAC not only awarded TBC, but also highlighted a number of strengths that they discovered during their inspection at The College. They praised TBC’s external partners, advisers, stakeholders, and advisory panel, describing them as “a cohesive support team that guides the College and helps to ensure it is always maintaining the highest of standards.”

They also emphasized the College’s learning resources and materials, as well as the high-quality support, advice, and guidance that all students have access to.

They were also impressed by the College’s professional and well-equipped learning facilities, and praised its strong leadership, which they felt demonstrated a clear commitment to continuous advancement and improvement.

The British Accreditation Council was especially delighted with how involved the students were in sharing their learning experiences, and with how the academic teams managed to keep them focused during the pandemic. They complimented the team on how they transitioned to online learning and used it to keep students connected through a tough time.

TBC Marketing & Admissions Head Amardeep Mandal expressed his joy with the award, which he believes accurately depicts how the TBC family — students, alumni, employees, and other stakeholders – has collaborated and will continue to collaborate.

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