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The Current State Of Education And Learning In The Upper Dolpa

Even though educational institutions around the country are closed, the majority of schools in Upper Dolpa have been open since Baisakh.

From the start of the current academic year, most schools in Upper Dolpa’s Dolpobuddha, Charkatangsong, and She-Phoksundo villages have begun teaching and learning activities. In Upper Dolpa, the new academic term begins in the month of Falgun. Since Baisakh, all the schools in Dolpobuddha have resumed normal operations, according to local Pema Gurung.

Even during the initial wave of the Corona Virus outbreak last year, he claims, schools in Upper Dolpa were not closed.

The tests were completed on schedule last year. In Dolpobuddha, there are six schools. Some schools are also open in Charkatangsong and She-Phoksundo. The condition of corona infection was normal, according to Kyalpo Thapa Bhote, a spokesperson for the Dolpobuddha rural municipality.

In Dolpa, there are two academic sessions. Upper Dolpa has become known as a place where people from outside have little contact. People claim that COVID-19 infection is not an issue because the border crossing with China is also closed.

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