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The New Bulletproof Mercedez Benz Sedan

Mercedes-Benz’s latest luxury vehicle is in a resistance class by itself. It looks stylish and certainly lives up to its name.The company unveiled its ultra-tough S600 Guard sedan, which has a fully bulletproof body and can withstand great impact. But, it looks like a normal Mercedez Sedan, if u look closely from outside.

The New Bulletproof Mercedez Benz Sedan

According to the company, the car’s armor is designed to resist rifle fire from military weapons, which has a velocity almost twice that of handgun bullets, as well as resist splinters from hand grenades and explosive charges.

The New Bulletproof Mercedez Benz Sedan

In the past, the owners of the Mercedez benz who wanted extra security and protection in their Sedan series to dodge or avoid bullet attacks or any other specific weapons needed to upgrade their cars with some specific modification. But, in the new Mercedez Sedan series comes with built-in protective elements, including a layer of steel between the outer shell and the inner body and polycarbonate-coated glass to absorb the impact of a speeding bullet and prevent splintering.

Mercedes-Benz has not announced a price for the tricked-out car but a regular S-600 vehicle starts at $160,000 in the U.S. The car is available for order via Mercedes-Benz’s website.

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