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Thousands of students barred from giving SLC

A total of around seventeen thousand plus students have been stripped from giving this year SLC (School Leaving Certificate) examination due to higher nonattendance ratio. Those students however will be allowed to give the examination under exempted category (different than regular) where attendance criteria aren’t put into consideration.

Total of 75% attendance is most for students to give the SLC examination in the regular category. A total of 17,837 students have been stripped from giving the examination on their lower attendance rate. Nearly about 35% of the total students are from the eastern region.

The attendance requirement was in place after scrapping off SLC send-up exams some three years ago as per the sixth amendment in the year of 2011 of Education Regulations. The students stripped might have appeared big in number but however is lower if compared to the previous years. The number of students blocked from taking in exam was 21 thousand in the year of 2013 and 18,000 in the year of 2012.

A member at examination control stated that the exact number of examinee taking the exam will only be confirmed few days before the result. However, as per the stat they have a total of 566,085 students have registered for the examination among which 419,352 have registered in regular category and 146,733 in exempted category.

He was also quick to add that the OCE is planning to publish the result by the end of June. OCE has also made 64 different centers over the nation for marking of the paper among which four are in the valley as well.

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