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To Those who turned Tri-Chandra’s Library To Ashes

On July 20, a tragic and terribly horrifying incident occurred at Tri-Chandra Campus. On that day, some unknown group of students torched the Tri-Chandra’s library to ashes because of the scuffle between two student councils. By now, many people from all over Nepal are aware of this horrendous incident. Many people were shocked and quite surprised by such classless action shown by the students. Its not about some books or research papers that were burnt in this incident, but its about the knowledge which have been lost in the incident.

Subin Bhattarai, renowned author of the renowned book “Summer Love” have also expressed his feelings towards this horrendous incident. He had stated his view and opinion toward this terrifying incident through popular networking site Facebook. He updated a status regarding the incident and had dedicated this status to those people who were a part of this shameless incident.

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