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Tourist Arrival On The Rise In Kanchanjanga Area

The number of people visiting Kanchanjanga, the world’s third tallest peak, is increasing. The region, which has been deserted for nearly two years owing to COVID-19, is gradually seeing an increase in local and international tourism this year.

Since last month, the Kanchanjanga region has been flooded with domestic and international tourists.

According to the Kanchanjanga Conservation Area Management Council Office, the location has been visited by 100 domestic tourists from various Nepalese regions.

According to Tashi Tenjing Sherpa, tourism assistant at the Office, 65 foreign tourists from the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and India visited the Kanchanjanga area.

According to the Ghunsa Check Post Office, a team of two American climbers who went to Faktanglung (Kumbhakarna-7710 m) to climb the peak returned to Phungling, the district headquarters of Taplejung, after a month of trying.

The 3,450-meter-high Ghunsa tourist town has become overcrowded as visitor activity has increased.

The Great Himalayan Trail (East-West Foot Trail), according to Khagendra Fembu Limbu, Chairman of the Kanchanjanga Conservation Area Management Council, has recently become a popular tourist destination in the region.

In the meantime, hotels in the Kanchenjunga area that had been closed for a long period owing to COVID-19 have reopened and are fully operational.

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