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Tourists Flock To Dudh Kunda, Tsho Rolpa Lake

In the famous Dudh Kunda and Tsho Rolpa glacier areas in the northern portion of Dolakha, the number of internal and external tourists has surged.

The number of tourists visiting Tsho Rolpa Snow Lake, Dudh Kunda, and the Rolwali Range in Gaurishankar Rural Municipality’s Ward No. 9 has increased. The Dudh Kunda-Tsho Rolpa tourism trail leads visitors here.

Surmuche hotelier Bolendra Acharya said that 30 to 40 visitors have been visiting the area every day since September.

He expressed his delight at the increased number of tourists in the area, noting that hoteliers had been hard hurt by the COVID-19 situation. To get to Tsho Rolpa, travellers must drive to Dolakha’s Chhotachyot and then hike to Ghatti for three days.

Simigaun, Surmuchche, Kalche, Dogang, Thangthing, Weding, and Naa villages are all accessible via Tsho Rolpa and Dudh Kunda.

According to Chhiring Sherpa, ward chairwoman of the Rural Municipality’s Ward No. 9, all of these locations would be convenient for tourists from home and abroad because they all have food and housing facilities.

He claimed that by altering the pricing, the hotels and lodges along this route were made uniform.

According to religious beliefs, one must first visit Dudh Kunda before proceeding to Tsho Rolpa. However, getting to Dudh Kunda is difficult, and tourists are perplexed, according to Chhering Sherpa, a hotelier from Veding.

The Tsho Rolpa Glacier is at an elevation of 4,558 meters above sea level, whereas the Dudh Kunda is at around 4,700 meters. These lakes and ponds, located near the foothills of the Rolwaling Mountains, are lovely and picturesque.

This location is best visited between September and November, as well as April and May. Because there are 17 mountains taller than 6,000 meters, this area is regarded unique for snow climbers.

Similarly, from Tsho Rolpa, the Khumbu area can be reached by travelling through Tasilapcha.

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