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Tri-Chandra’s Library Burnt To Ashes

Library of Tri-Chandra Campus was set on fire by the students due to the attack on a student leader of college yesterday. Due to a short conflict between NC aligned Nepal Student Union (NSU) and UML aligned All Nepal National Free Student Union (ANNFSU), an unknown group of students set the library on fire. Luckily, no severe human casualties were reported in the incident.

Tri-Chandra’s Library Burnt To Ashes

In the fire, the library run by Free Student Union(FSU) in the oldest institute of the capital city of Kathmandu Valley was completely damaged. About 5000 books and 2000 thesis archived were burnt in this incident. Kathmandu Fire Brigade alone could not extinguish the fire. With the support of security personnel's and some students, Kathmandu Fire Brigade team put out the fire. The stake established by Nepali Congress which was named after former great leader of Nepal, BP Koirala is not left in the library after the horrendous incident.

NC-aligned Nepal Student Union (NSU) and UML-affiliated All Nepal National Free Student Union (ANNFSU) have blamed each other for the incident. The police have reported that group of people from NSU led by Kamal Buddha attacked Prem KC, member of ANNFSU. He was attacked by them with Khukuri injuring his head and both hands. And after this incident, the library was torched. Committee member of All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU) Tri Chandra College Chapter, Prem KC was injured in that short conflict. Prem Kc was critically injured in the conflict so he was immediately admitted at Kathmandu Medical Hospital for treatment.

The organization was not involved in the incident that recently occured at Tri-Chandra Campus” said Chief of Publicity Department of ANNFSU Ashish Ghimire. Instead he blamed the students for the ruckus that occured in the Tri-Chandra Campus. NSU spokesperson UP Lamichhane did refuse the involvement of the organization in the incident but he did assure of lending help to book the guilty. ANNFSU spokesperson Lammichhane confirmed that group of people from NSU led by Kamal Buddha attacked Prem while he was studying at the library. Prem KC, a Bachelor 2nd year student at campus, was preparing for his exam which was about to begin on Wednesday.

Lamo hane said that NSU were involved in both incidents. “They attacked our friend then they ignited the library on fire” he followed. ANNFSU has filed a complaint against Buddha and his team at Metropolitan Police Circle. DSP Raj Kumar Silwal stated that they have already started the investigation and soon the results into fruition. Hari Thapaliya, Chief of Tri-Chandra College said, "It’s too much. How much are we going to suffer from this?" Furthermore, he demanded the government to tighten the security and ensure the safety of the teachers and students of the college.

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