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TU About to Change The Format Of Transcript

Many students who had passed the exam after failing and giving the back up exams would get “star” in their mark sheet, But now its all about to change. There was some talks going on about changing the format of transcript which are given to the students of Tribhuvan University who have failed one or more than one subjects. After much discussions, it is confirmed that Tribhuvan University is about to change the format of transcript which are given to the students who have failed in one or more than one subjects.

As mentioned above, students who had failed the exam and who would have given up the back paper used to get the “star” sign while checking their marks but now TU came up with a propsal and its all about to change. Many students who give the back up exams and gets the star sign were most likely to face a lot of difficulties and obstacles while going for their higher studies. And keeping their problem in mind, TU have decided to change this old system.

Exam Coordinator ,Narayan Prasad Belbase said,” Students who have passed after giving back paper will receive “back paper examination date” instead of star sign in the mark sheet. This will help students to wishes to get higher studies in foreign countries.”

Another coordinator Baburam Dahal stated that many student’s future were halted just because of “star” sign and such stupid reason should not be the reason for their bright future to be shoved to darkness. A “star” sign does not show their weakness, they are not the decider whether their future must be put to stop or not. Many people judge them wrong just because of that sign and many people have faced a lot of problems because of it, so to stop the problem, this new plan will bring a bright change in many student’s fuure, he further added.

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