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tyrocity.com Second Weekly Test final result published

Second weekly test which was conducted for 2 days in row i.e. on Friday and Saturday came to an end now with more than double the number of students who took the exam on the very first week. And unlike previous test, this test ran for 2 full days and here we present the complete nationwide result (for top 250 for both) with answers (in another location).

The very second weekly test conducted by tyrocity.com’s results is now out for the first and second part combined. Here, we provide you the top 250 students for MBBS Entrance Preparation as per the marks they obtained. There was no negative marking for this test and due to high number of people we are forced to shorten the list but we will try to increase the list further in the upcoming weeks. If you would like to know your ranking, you can mail us at [email protected] and expect a response time within 24 hrs. as per the mail load or you can also contact us via our facebook page here or you can choose to contact us via chat box at Entrance section.

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