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UML wing YAN set to continue their bandh program

UML Wing Enforces Transport Strike

YAN cadres plan to continue with the half-hour chakkajam in the Capital and outside tomorrow as well.

They took out torch rallies on August 4 (today) in which 10 people were injured due to the clash between the protesting students and the police.

And plan to enforce a four-hour Kathmandu valley bandh from 6 am to 10 am on August 5-6 and clamp a four-hour Nepal bandh from 6 am to 10 am on August 7-8.

According to the latest information received by us the the banda program is to continue to give more pressure on Maoist government to resign and pave the way for new government.

Asked why the banda is selected at that certain time Basnet said that “We don’t want to cause trouble to the public by staging chakkajam and bandh for the whole day, therefore we have opted for short and effective strikes meant to press the government to quit without causing severe hardships to the public”

The half and hour banda is to continue from 4pm in the afternoon.

As of the time of posting the news the banda is still set to take place and the carders are aggressive due to the injury of their comrades …

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