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University Students Sitting For Tests To Get Covid-19 Vaccine

All university-level students taking exams will be vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the government.

The Ministry of Health and Population’s (MoHP) Family Welfare Division issued a press statement on Wednesday directing the concerned authorities to provide the first dose of either AstraZeneca or Vero Cell to the students in coordination with the district vaccine coordination and monitoring committee.

Vaccines will be given to pupils based on their exam admission cards. The decision follows student protests against the government’s intention to hold in-person exams in the midst of the pandemic.
Umesh Shrestha, the State Minister for Health and Population, indicated that students over the age of 20 would be given the vaccine based on their admit cards.

The Department has requested the committee to set the date and location for the vaccine’s first dose. The decision was applauded by students who had been campaigning for immunizations.

The administration, according to Surendra Basnet, vice-president of the All Nepal National Independent Students Union (Revolutionary), has responded to their demand. Meanwhile, the TU’s Institute of Forest Science on Wednesday postponed Bachelor’s and Master’s degree examinations set for next Monday.

Because of the resurgence of coronavirus infections, the institution postponed the exams, stating that they would be held virtually starting the first week of September.

Similarly, the National Examination Board NEB had postponed Grade XII exams for an indeterminate period a week ago, citing the same reason.

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