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Unregistered Schools still operating despite DEO orders

DAMAULI: Scores of unregistered schools have been operating despite several directives from District Education Office in Tanahun.

The authority acknowledged the existence of illegal schools after guardians complained that the schools were charging exorbitant fee. Following the complaint that the schools were charging exorbitant fee. Following the complaint, the DEO monitoring revealed the illegal schools in the district. Guardians complained that the DEO was not interested in taking action against schools that were making a mockery of the rule. Bishnu Prasad Adhikari, District Education Officer, said he was committed to shut the illegal schools down. He said, “We are preparing to conduct another monitoring in the third week of August. If we find such schools still operating, they will be closed forever.”

A team led by outgoing DEO Hari Gautam had directed around half-a-dozen private schools of Ghasikuwa, Keshavtar, Purkot and Pokharibhanjyang VDCs to pull down their shutters saying that they were illegal.There are a total of 514 community and 134 private schools operating in the district.

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