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Unvaccinated People At Risk Of Omicron Infection

People in Nepal who have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus, have a weak immune system, and have never been infected before may be at danger from the Omicron version, according to doctors.

Approximately a dozen people have been infected with Omicron in Nepal, and the virus has quickly spread to the United States, India, and other nations.

People who have not been vaccinated, have a weak immune system, or have never been infected should follow health safety guidelines and take precautions to avoid contracting Omicron, according to Dr. Sher Bahadur Pun, coordinator of the Shukraraj Tropical and Infectious Diseases Hospital’s Research Branch.

Following the outbreak of Omicron infection in several Indian states bordering Nepal, the Ministry of Health and Population has issued a high-level alert to all COVID-19 institutions.

According to Dr Sangita Mishra, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Population, the ministry has already started working to extend COVID-19 testing and make contact testing more effective.

“Although the Omicron variation of the coronavirus is not as lethal as the Delta variant, which previously caused a global pandemic, it can afflict people with weak immune systems, so the government should vaccine everyone as a precaution,” Pun said.

“It could take another month for this strain, which is rapidly spreading in India, to reach Nepal in a more advanced form. Everyone should be immunized during this time “he stated.

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