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Weather Expected To Improve From Thursday

According to the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, the weather that has been disrupted by the westerly low-pressure system for a few days will gradually improve starting Thursday.

The westerly low-pressure system, according to meteorologist Sabina Shakya, will continue to be weak beginning Thursday, resulting in improved weather.

Currently, most parts of the country are experiencing cloudy weather. According to meteorologist Shakya, the high and hilly region will remain cloudy.

On Tuesday, the majority of the country is likely to be gloomy, with light to moderate rainfall in several areas. Light to moderate snowfall will fall in the mountainous regions.

According to the Department’s meteorological report, the minimum temperature in Kathmandu Valley was 5.4 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature was 17.4 degrees Celsius.

Similarly, the lowest temperature was -1.4 degrees Celsius in Jumla, and the highest maximum temperature was 28 degrees Celsius in Bhairahawa.

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