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Women Decorate Walls With Mithila Paintings For ‘Bibaha Panchami’

Despite the searing heat, women can be seen painting the walls of Janakpurdham.

Their goal is to depict Mithilanchal’s culture and traditions. According to the officials, Mithila paintings are being painted on the walls of Janakpurdham to beautify the city as the festival of ‘Bibaha Panchami‘ approaches.

“Mithila paintings have served as a means of expressing our culture to the rest of the world. “The paintings reflect stories from earlier ages based on Hindu mythology,” stated Janakpurdham Sub Metropolitan City Mayor Lal Kishor Sah.

“The paintings will also depict Goddess Sita as a key icon of power and culture,” Sah explained.

Authorities say they intend to make this year’s Bibaha Panchami, the marriage anniversary of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita, even more spectacular. “For many years, Janakpur has commemorated Sita and Ram’s wedding anniversary.

The wall adjacent to the Province 2 Police Office is being painted to depict Mithila culture in order to make the celebration more unique,” said Rima Yadav, a Mithila painter.

“The paintings will depict Sita and Ram’s nuptials. We expect the same for the forthcoming Bibaha Panchami since Mithila murals on any wall make the structure appealing,” Yadav added.

Paintings are not only a means of expressing Mithila culture, but also a source of money for Mithila painters.

“Mithila paintings depict Goddess Sita’s entire life. “It is not only a source of livelihood for the painters, but also a source of pride,” Saraswati Mandal, a Mithila painter from Aurahi Rural Municipality, stated.

The Mithila paintings will also be shown on the walls of Gangasagar and other places of Janakpurdham, according to the painters and locals.

The walls were previously painted with Mithala murals during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Janakpur.

Mithila paintings represent Mithila’s civilisation, as well as the events that occurred during Goddess Sita’s life, from her birth to her marriage with Lord Ram.

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