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YouTube to invest $20 million to educational content and creators

This week, YouTube announced their plan to invest $20 million to content creators to encourage them to share more, better videos in their video platform.

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube in her blog post stressed upon their commitment to empowering both the creators who want to share their knowledge to the world and users who are there to learn from the platform.

The investment is YouTube plans at supporting content creators and consumers in the education community as part of their YouTube Learning extension announced earlier on in July, 2018. The investment will provide funding for educational creators on the platform, a new “Learning” channel with curated playlists, and resources and support for EduTubers. YouTube-funded videos will also give brands more opportunities to run ads and sponsor content.

Do you have a channel and would like to be a part of it? You can as well as long as you apply by November 30, 2018 at 23:59 PDT.

How to apply?
Follow the following link and fill in the form to apply before the stated deadline: https://goo.gl/zkrk4u

Who is eligible?
Eligible Projects must meet the following basic requirement:

  • Come from applicants that manage at least one YouTube channel with a minimum of 25,000 subscribers
  • Demonstrate a strategy to develop multi-session content – multiple videos that build on one another
  • Clearly depict the intent to teach in a factual, informative, and trustworthy manner, indicating expertise and / or a scrupulous approach to accuracy, including but not limited to research, fact checking, and objectivity

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