Features of Public Opinion

(a) Temporary but efficient in law making.

(b) Modern form of Constitutionalism.

(c) It is conceived as human right as a manifestation to freedom of association and freedom of assembly.

(d) It also empowers people to engage in public affair and debates as being unit of society.

(e) It is a democracy beyond voting.

In the Canadian Case of Marshall V. Canada Communication, Case No. 205(1986); In this case the issue was brought before UN Committee on human rights which held that public participation in the form of public affairs in an emerging right such as public equality freedom of speech and association.

Doctors for life international V. The speaker of the National Assembly and other (2006) Constitutional court of South Africa stated that “Institutionalization of public participation is so much crucial stage for the nation that is going through law making process and it also makes an obligation of every state.

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