Legal Research

S.R. Myneni: – The systematic investigation of problems of and matters concerned with law such as codes, acts, etc.

-To obtain better knowledge and understanding of any problem of legal philosophy, legal history comparative study of law, or any system of law international and municipal.

-Discovering new legal facts and verification of the old ones.

Components of Research: –

  1. Manipulation of things, concepts or symbols.
  2. For the purpose of generalization.
  3. To extent, correct or verify knowledge.
  4. The knowledge may be used for construction of theory or practice of art.

Objectives of Legal Research: –

Evaluative: –
To find out how a legal rule came into being and what it is.

Explanation: –
To ascertain the nature, scope and source of law in order to explain, what law is?

Identificatory: –
To ascertain for whose benefit legal research is made.

Impact Analysis: –
Impact analysis of Legislation.

Projective or Predictive: –
To find out the degree of social acceptance to the anticipated or propose legislation.

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