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An Insoluble Problem

An Insoluble Problem
by Josef Skvorecky

Summary of An Insoluble Problem

The story is about the writer’s brother, who is called Adolf. Adolf loved a film star and wrote letters to her. After that, he loved a girl named Freddie. She was a good choice to be his wife, but he learned that her father was a farm worker from America. This made Adolf’s father unhappy, and he wanted to know more about Freddie’s family background Freddie was white, but her father was a black man. When he discovered this, Adolf’s father began to read books about genetics. He wanted to know if it was possible that Freddie would have a baby who was black.

Adolf’s father told Adolf not to marry Freddie. The father said he would not care if Freddie was black, but he was afraid that, if Freddie had a baby that was black, other people would think the baby was not Adolf’s. They would think that an African student was the father of the baby.

The family found out that Freddie was pregnant Adolf’s mother told Freddie’s mother that Freddie should have an abortion (an operation to stop the baby from being born.) Freddie’s mother became very angry. Adolf’s family began to tell many bad stories about Freddie so that people would not think that Adolf was the father of Freddie’s child. Freddie ended her relationship with Adolf. She told Adolf that the people in her family were from many countries.

Freddie had twin babies. One was a girl and one was a boy. Both were white.

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