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Child Care in China

Child Care in China
by Bruce Dollar

Summary of Child Care in China

In this essay, the author tells us what he thinks about the way the Chinese care for children before they go to school, His views are based on 2 visits he made to China when he travelled 2500 miles and visited many places.

The Chinese care for young children in several different ways. When their mothers are working the children are often left with grandparents, friends or neighbors. Young children are also looked after in pre-schools and kindergartens.

The way children are looked after is not the same in all places. For example the way children are cared for in villages is different from the way it is in cities. However, there are many similarities between the different places. Children usually play in groups. They are encouraged to share things and help each other.

The author is interested in the way teachers deal with improper behavior. The Chinese teachers he met prefer to control children by talking to them and persuading them to behave properly. They said they did not use punishment. The author also watched the way the children played, and he was impressed at the way the teachers join in with the games.

Children in China are often looked after by several women at the same time. The author calls this multiple mothering. The most important thing is that the women who look after children are constant warm and giving.

Although most women in China work away from the home, this has not had a bad effect on Chinese family life. The family is still very important and men are often seen looking after their children Finally the author says that Chinese people are happy when they are helping to make China a better place.

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