On His Blindness

Poetry Analysis of the Poem “On His Blindness”

poem by John Milton

On His Blindness- Analysis Line by Line:

The poet reflects on his blindness. He has become blind in the middle of his life. He therefore cannot make proper use of his poetic talent which is spiritual death for him to hide. His soul is earnestly desirous of serving God with his own talent that God have given him. He wishes to render a true account of his powers to God. He is afraid that god will rebuke him for not using his power. (Lines 1-6)

He anxiously asks-Does God require of a blind man’s service? (Lines 7-8)

Patient thinking make the poet conclude that God needs neither the service of man nor an account of the gifts bestowed by Him on man. Those who resign themselves to the will of God serve Him best. (Lines 9-10)

God is invested with royal power. Thousands of angels fly swiftly over land and sea to do His bidding. Those who have faith in God and calmly submit to God’s powers also render him services.
(Lines 11-14)

The word “talent” has been used in more senses than one. In the Bible concept it means a coin or more generally speaking money. When the master gives some money, it is his duty to make use of it and increase it. Figuratively talent is a quality and therefore wealth. In this sense even vision may be recorded as a talent. It is by using one’s vision that one can do a lot of things. Milton was a pious Christian. His devotion and dedication to God are evident in the poem.

Thanks to Bhanu Pathak for this analysis

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