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The Elephant

The Elephant
by Slawomir Mrozek

Summary of The Elephant

The director of the zoo did not care about the animals that lived there. The zoo had many small animals like rabbits but it did not have an elephant. The news came that the zoo could buy an elephant if it wanted to. The director thought an elephant was too expensive, so he decided to make an elephant out of rubber and blow it up like a big balloon. The rubber elephant was made and two zoo workers were told to breathe air into it to blow it up. This was too difficult for them. So they decided fill the rubber elephant from the gas pipe instead.

The next day the rubber elephant full of gas was put into the zoo. In front of the elephant was a notice that said, “Particularly sluggish Hardly moves.” Some children and their teacher were looking at it. Suddenly the elephant rose up off the ground and floated away. The children who saw the elephant stopped believing their teacher and started to drink a lot of alcohol.

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