Additional Dose Of COVID-19 Vaccines To Immuno-Compromised People From Today


From today, additional doses of COVID-19 vaccination are being given to immunocompromised and critically ill patients.

Immunocompromised people, HIV-positive people, and patients taking immune-suppressive drugs during treatment, as well as senior citizens who have already received the full dose of the Vero Cell vaccine, will receive an additional dose of the anti-coronavirus vaccine, according to the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP).

The third dosage is being provided to the target population above the age of 18 from all vaccination facilities, according to Dr. Sameer Kumar Adhikari, assistant spokesperson for the MoHP.

“Those who have been three months post-vaccination are eligible for the booster dosage,” he said.

He said that the vaccination effort, which began today, was an additional dose for immunocompromised persons rather than a booster dose.

“Additional vaccines will be delivered by all vaccination clinics, except those that are presently inoculating the children,” he added.

“For the third dose, the target group must demonstrate the doctor’s prescription and both doses’ vaccination cards,” Dr. Adhikari explained.

The additional dose is being given based on the¬†COVID-19¬†vaccination advisory committee’s suggestion.


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