Chhath Concludes With The Offering Of Argha To Rising Sun


This year’s Chhath celebrations came to a close this morning across the country with the offering of argha to the rising sun.

Devotees lighted oil lamps, made offerings, and worshipped the statue of Chhati Mai on the banks of rivers and ponds. Similarly, a significant number of devotees flocked to pay homage to the statue in other regions of the country, particularly the Mithila region’s several districts, where the festival is held in particular.

After taking a holy bath today, the devotees who were eating sacred meals after purifying themselves today, Kartik Shukla Saptami, gave argha to the rising sun on the banks of rivers and ponds.

According to the Nepali calendar, the celebration lasts from Shukla Chaturthi to Saptami in the month of Kartik.

After the Chhath celebrations are over, devotees give their family and neighbors Thakuwa, Bhusuwa, coconut, banana, and other delicious delicacies as Prasad.

source: risingnepal


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