Department of Transport Management: No private vehicle allowed to operate like in Tootle, Pathao

Department of Transport Management published a notice which they circulated through their official social media platform and website stating that it is illegal to operate a vehicle registered for one purpose for any other usage. 

Recently, taxi drivers had protested again against Tootle and Pathao asking to stop their operation. Based on the same, the department appears to have released the following notice.

The department cites the current transportation development regulation, article 49.12.1 which states that any vehicle registered for one purpose (private use) isn’t allowed to be used for any other purpose (as a ride-sharing platform taking an agreed-upon fair per ride). The department requests all the other organizations within its control to oblige to its regulation and to enforce it. The notice as published by the department is as below (the original notice size published by the department was too small – below is the original size of the image with some corrections to make it easier to read):


* words in bracket are filler text added by us to make the statement clear. These aren’t stated in the regulation itself

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