Education Scam – Only blame or the truth ?

Rudra Pandel a  software engineer and the founder of Deerwalk, D2Hawkeye (now known as Verisk Health) and DWIT stated,

EDUCATION SCAM: It is so SAD that Government of Nepal allows people to distribute foreign degree in Nepal by giving permissions to few jokers to open colleges like British College and Islington College and more. They affiliate with no name rotten university like London Metropolitan and sell certificate to Nepalese. Some people in Nepal are still stupid enough to fall into the trap. These colleges have CEO — what a joke education institutions do not have CEOs, corporations have CEOs. We should stick to promote our own universities which are much better than universities likeLondon Metropolitan. Good foreign universities do not give license to idiots to sell their certificates. I have interviewed graduates from these colleges. Most of them I have no clue. They just buy certificates. Parents — with money — please be aware of it.

Those statements are directly directed towards few of the colleges (as mentioned in his statement) which have the affiliation to the British college in Nepal and provide the degree of UK from Nepal. The claim however might or mightn’t be true.


Zooming in the situation, whatever the case is, the founder of one of the college shouldn’t have outspoken directly in public like that and with the words that harsh.


Returning back to his statement, Yes, we must promote our own university and make it much better. But for this we need a proper plan and execution of it as well. But the universities established so far haven’t really met the standard with latest course pattern. There are many cases where the course isn’t changed in years and the contents aren’t as per students interest of study. Just think, who would like to study Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths to get a Computer Science degree ?


Some of the things that he cited in the statement though harsh might be true and the rest false. However, it’s all upon you to decide what next ? Where do you see the future and what’s you take on this statement ?

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