Free Technical Education For Girls In Bagmati Province


The government of Bagmati Province has agreed to provide free technical education to girls enrolled in the province’s community schools.

The province’s cabinet meeting this week resolved to grant scholarships to all female students studying technical disciplines in community schools. The cabinet agreed that students who have completed the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) from community schools will be eligible for the scholarships.

After clearing the SEE examination from community schools, Minister for Social Development Kumari Moktan announced that it has been agreed to provide scholarships for technical education at higher levels in health, engineering, agriculture, and veterinary science.

According to Minister Moktan, it has been determined to grant scholarships to all female students in community educational institutions who are pursuing technical topics.

In a same manner, the cabinet meeting decided to distribute fertilizer and wheat seeds to farmers whose harvests have been harmed by unseasonal rains.

Minister Moktan stated that the government had chosen to help farmers by gathering information on agricultural damage caused by unseasonal rains.

Earlier, the first cabinet meeting after Rajendra Prasad Pandey’s appointment as Chief Minister decided to grant three-year technical education to 119 students who passed the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) with the province government’s financial help.

Those 119 students come from Dalit communities’ minority, marginalized, backward locations, and poor families. The government has provided them with scholarships to pursue technical education in fields like as health, engineering, agriculture, and veterinary medicine.

source: risingnepal


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