HSEB Class 12 result Tomorrow?

As per the report received today, the awaited results of Class 12 will be published tomorrow (on 29th August,2014). HSEB had to bear heavy criticism for not being able to publish the result in time and guardians had even started staged continuously outside of HSEB central office at Sanothimi for couple of days already.
One of the spokesperson of HSEB mentioned another reason for the delay i.e. around one thousand and eight hundred students had been present in the examination hull but their marks weren’t displayed in the ledger.

The delay in result had already caused several problems to students who dream of pursing their further education abroad, only to find it crushed and thrashed by the delay in the result publication by HSEB. Also, students wanting to study here were mentally pressurized as their result hadn’t been published but the entrance examination to continue their future ahead ended or is about to start in couple of days.

Key stats with reference to E-Kantipur

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