Lalitpur District Administration Office Prohibits Running Physical Classes

Lalitpur District Administration Office (DAO) has prohibited schools from running physical classes.


The DAO sent a warning on Saturday requesting that all schools in the district refrain from holding physical education sessions since the threat of COVID-19 had not subsided.

If schools must run physical classes for whatever reason, they must adhere to the District COVID-19 Crisis Management Committee’s (DCCMC) school operating rules as well as the federal government’s smart lockdown guidelines.

The DAO has also requested local governments to work with the DCCMC to guarantee that schools that offer physical education lessons do so in a safe manner.

Similarly, in a notification signed by Chief District Officer Dhundi Prasad Niroula, political parties and their affiliated organizations were instructed to observe the government’s health policy when organizing events and programs. They must also ensure that their programs do not interfere with societal order or security.

The DAO has also asked everyone to simply commemorate festivals symbolically and to limit public engagement.

source: myrepublica


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