More than 600 Nepalese Medical Students at Bangladesh face uncertain future

With 37 medical colleges Nepalese students are currently enrolled and studying in Bangladesh being categorized as blacklisted, the future of more than 600 students is at uncertain. Nepal Medical Council (NMC) mentioned that those students even if they complete the degree there might not be able to practice doctorate or any other medical profession back here in Nepal.

As per a Nepalese Medical Student Association – Bangladesh there are more than 5,000 students currently enrolled and studying medicine in Bangladesh. This is the highest number of students studying medical outside Nepal as per the statement of Nepal Medical Council.

One of the student currently studying in a blacklisted college there mentioned Kantipur Daily in the interview they took that they knew that their future is uncertain but also brings the fact of his father selling the land to send him out to study in Bandladesh. As colleges charge a huge lump sum at the time of admission itself, they feel it’s not easy to leave the study at this stage. Staying positive that something magical happens which would resolve all these issues, they continue their studies for the time being.

Here’s a full list of medical colleges in Bangladesh as of today that is blacklisted. We discourage you to get enrolled in any of these and please let your friends know of the same:

Northern International Medical College
Care Medical College
Shahabuddin Medical College
Aichi Medical College
Ab-din Basundhara Medical College
Saphena Dental College
Northern Medical College
City Medical College
Nightingale Medical College
BGC Trust Medical College
Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College
University of Science and Technology
Gonoshasthaya Samaj Vittik Medical College
People’s University of Bangladesh
University of Science and Technology
IBAIS University
Queens University
Sylhet International University
Southern University Bangladesh
Premier University
Britannia University
Gono Bishwabidhyalay
Ashiyan Medical College
Basundhara Ad-din Medical College
Abdul Hamid Medical College
Brahmanbaria Medical College
Universal Medical College
Care Medical College
Parkview Medical College
US Bangla Medical College
Chattagram International Medical College
Bikrampur Bhuiyan Medical College
Mooara Sikder Medical College
Merine City Medical College
Shah Makhdum Medical College
HMCH Medical College
Aichi Medical College
News article based on information published in Kantipur Daily and The Himalayan Times

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