Preparations Are Being Made To Resume School Operations On September 17.


Based on the COVID-19 risk analysis, preparations are being made to resume school operations at local levels in Kathmandu and other districts on September 17.

On Tuesday, the Chief District Officer of Kathmandu convened a meeting to demand the presentation of a uniformed action plan to reopen schools in conjunction with the District Crisis Management Centre after assessing the health concerns.

At the very least, local teachers and personnel should have been vaccinated prior to the start of the school year.

According to Assistant Chief District Officer Kalpana Ghimire, local levels have been asked to propose an action plan after conducting essential consultations on the methodology, as a decision has already been reached under the smart lockdown that certain sectors, including schools, can be reopened.

She noted, however, that it is not mandatory for the vulnerable schools to continue operations.

The guardians have also recommended that schools not be rushed back into action while the risk remains. The National Federation of Guardians advised the government not to rush the classes because the risk of infection is still present.

source: rising nepal


Kathmandu to allow in-person classes from September 17

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