Private schools shut their online classes, teachers sent on unpaid holiday

PABSON and N-PABSON have decided to shut online classes in all the affiliated schools starting from today. In the combined press-release, they also mentioned that all the teachers would be provided with unpaid home leave for an undefined period. They’re demanding the government to honor their demands, until then they said they do not have the capability to host online classes.

Only about a month back from 21st June had they decided to host regular online classes and had requested parents to regularly pay the fees for 11 months of the education curriculum. That decision was met with objections from all sides including government and parents. The government requested to not pay in the name of online education, which meant that the school’s revenue fell down to zero; resulting in them not being able to pay for the staff, rent, loan, insurance, telephone, electricity, internet, and other expenditures.

Both the organizations in the statement mention that they’ll only resume the classes once the government gives them clearance to host the classes physically. They’ve also said that the teachers and additional staff’s salaries and other benefits would be provided only after the school is to resume and start making income. In the current state, the joint release mentions that they concluded it’s better to shut their operation and stay rather than run classes.

Below is the extract from the press release:

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