Two-Day Vitamin 'A' Campaign Launched Today

Today, the government began a two-day nationwide Vitamin ‘A’ campaign. Deworming tablets and Balvita will also be distributed as part of the program.

According to Kedar Parajuli, chief of the nutrition section of the Department of Health Services’ Family Welfare Division, 2.7 million children aged six months to five years will be given Vitamin A supplements and over 2.3 million children aged one year to five years will be given de-worming tablets across the country during the two-day campaign on October 24-25.


Vitamin¬†‘A’¬†(half a capsule, 100 thousand units) is given to children aged six months to one year, and one capsule (200 thousand units) to children aged one to five years, according to Chief Parajuli.

The deworming medication (Albendazole) will also be given to youngsters under the age of five. Children aged one to two years will receive 200 milligrams of this tablet, while those aged two to five years would receive 400 mg.

Since 1993, the government has begun distributing Vitamin ‘A’ and de-worming tablets. Two times a year, vitamin ‘A’ and de-worming tablets are given.

Balvita (a micronutrient supplement) will also be given to youngsters aged six months to two years beginning today. In 2015, the Balvita distribution began.

It is distributed to children in 46 districts around the country who are in the designated age group. The initiative will be launched in 52,000 locations across the country, with 52,000 female health volunteers enlisted to help.

source: risingnepal


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