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Characteristics Of Musical Sound

1. Pitch:
The pitch is the characteristics of a musical sound which depends upon the frequency. The sound with low frequency is low pitch able sound and the sound with high frequency is high pitch able sound.

2. Loudness:
The loudness of musical sound is related to the intensity of the sound the higher is the intensity, the higher will be the loudness. If Ibe the intensity of the sound, then the loudness is related to the I as,

3. Quality or timber:
It measure the complexity of sound. Quality of sound depends upon the number and intensity of harmonics. Present in the sound. A pure sound produces comparatively less pleasing effect on ears then sound consisting of a no of harmonics. Usually a sounding body produce a complex sound of frequency. The f0, 2f0, 3f0, etc. where to is called fundamental frequency. The f0, 2f0, 3f0…………etc are called first, 2nd, 3rd ………… harmonics. In the voice of different peoples different harmonics are present. Due to the different harmonics present in the voices, we characteristics of sound is called Quality or Timber.

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