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Magnetic Properties of Materials

Short Questions

  1. What are magnetic domains?
  2. What is angle of dip? How does it vary from the equator to the poles/
  3. Define angle of dip and angle of declination at a place.
  4. How does dip vary from place to place on earth`s surface?
  5. Why does a bar magnet not retain its magnetism when it is method?
  6. Why does a magnet lose its magnetism when heated to high temperature?
  7. Above Curie temperature a ferromagnetic material becomes paramagnetic. Why?
  8. What are the characteristics of a Ferro-magnetic substance?
  9. A permanent magnet can be used to pick up a string of nails, tacks or paper clips, even though these are not magnets by themselves. How can this be?
  10. A ferromagnetic substance becomes paramagnetic above Curie temperature. Explain why?

Long Questions

  1. The angle of dip in Britain is greater than that in Kathmandu. Why?

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