Comments on Marx

  • Sorel, Sidney and Macaver were the commentators on Marx.
  • Economy is not only the main cause of class struggle, there are other sources of conflicts in society besides economic problems.
  • Marx’s conception is the ‘over-concentration’ upon economic conflict. Economic mode of production is the ultimate cause of class struggle is difficult to accept.
  • Human history is not only the history of class struggle, it is difficult to determine the stages of history which corresponds to thesis, antithesis and synthesis. There are other wars in history, such as wars between nations or intra-nations for powers for ethnicity, territory for religions like crusades, etc.
  • The doctrine of class struggle leads to survival of only one class, i.e., proletariat class in this approach, there is no compromise in tone and democratic version.
  • Marxian concept of classes is static and rigid.
  • Dialecticism is the process of development in society, according to Karl Marx, but it would be stopped after the creation of classless and stateless society in his version, which seems most unsuitable for the process of development.
  • It is dictatorship of revolutionary people not of the whole people, his approach of equality never belongs.
  • Marx’s prophet of creation of classless and stateless society seems utopia.
  • Marx theory to some extent is scientific but he has been distorted and twisted time to time.
  • In his late age, Marx said that ‘I know the only thing that at least I am not Marxist’.

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