Criticism of Machiavelli

  • Might makes right, necessity knows no law, the end justifies the means is not always successful and true principle.
  • Men are not always ad and born bad.
  • If man is not wholly good, he is not wholly bad either.
  • The prince cannot be hypocrite at the long time. Once it could be disclosed and revolution could easily be invited.
  • Machiavelli himself was a power-monger and he made his prince the same which could spoil the state, people and all.
  • Only force is not the weapon to rule the people so his idea was psychologically weak.
  • There should be to some extent the moral values in politics. They cannot be separated totally.
  • His claim of his method based on history and reason does not seem as used by him. It seems controversial.
  • He is the forerunner of the theory of nation state.
  • Plato: Emphasis on City State
  • Cicero: Emphasis on Universal State
  • Machiavelli: Emphasis on Nation State

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