Different Stages of Human Civilization

  1. Primitive Communism: Harmony at nature, no tendency of gathering of resources

  2. Feudalism: Transformation of society to agriculture society, emergence of upper class and middle class

  3. Capitalism: Emergence of gap between bourgeois and proletariat

  4. Socialism: Emergence of classless society

  5. Communism: Withering away of state

Class Struggle

  • Feeling of need of remaining in one place, people entered into agriculture.
  • Due to the existence of feudal land holders, gap between people became wide.
  • Means of production became the main element to create classes.
  • Marx says that human history is full of class struggle and production is the main factor to create classes.
  • Period of alienation begins because of powerlessness, meaninglessness, normlessness, isolation, self estrangement and process of economic exploitation.
  • The concept involves a view of human relationship, not based on principle of equality but of one man being superior than another, of one man being a master and another being a slave and one man being an exploiter and another being exploited.

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