Essential elements of welfare state

For the transformation of state into the welfare state, some elements seems to be important which should be considered had they not take into consideration, welfare state doesn’t be a welfare state. Among them, some of the elements essential for the welfare state are as below.

1. Clarity of aims and policies.
The aims and policies for welfare state being successful should be clear and understandable. Their description also should be understandable. If these elements are lacked, welfare state is failed.

2. Liberal administration
The administration of welfare state should be liberal. In cases of autocratic and red topism, welfare of people isn’t possible.

3. People’s participation
People’s participation on administration work and welfare works is an essence for welfare state.

4. Qualified administration
The administration if is qualified and is educated, kind hearted, truthful and understanding, welfare state is successful.

5. Good administration
The administration should be good and it should be able to maintain good relationship with the public. The people’s voice should be considered.

6. End of distinction between administration and people
There should be no distinction between administration and people. In this case, administration should recognize himself as the protector, and involve himself in social welfare. There shouldn’t be even the smell of selfishness.

7. Evaluation of success
The activities should be evaluated whether it is successful or not. The problems prevailing is to be determined and evaluation in done for the foundation of solutions for the problem.

8. Proper use of public money
The expenses of the public money collected should be done under the constitution and financial control. There shouldn’t be any concept of discrimination between the friends and relatives. Also, bribe and corruption should be completely banned.

9. Integration and co-ordination of administration
The co-ordination among the people performing different activities relating to agriculture, husbandry, irrigation, social welfare, education should be maintained.

10. Decentralized administration
The decentralization of the power is necessary for making any work more effective.

11. Secularism
All the religions existing in the state should be equal in the sense that it doesn’t harm any people. Religion also should free from politics.

12. Other essentials
Welfare by the state should be provided at the correct time whenever it is needed. The concept of self-help and self-esteem should be encouraged.

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