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Factors Influencing Democracy in Nepal

Social Factors

  • Migration
  • Urbanization
  • Youth Population
  • Increased Educational Status and Literacy
  • Social Conflict and Oppression

Economic Factors

  • Unemployment-Youths
  • Rise of Middle Class
  • Lowered position of aristocrats and elites
  • Increased trade, capitalization
  • Slow end of Feudal and Agrarian economy

Political Factors

  • Anti-Rana
  • Pro King
  • Royal Massacre
  • Frustration with Parties
  • Frustration with royal family and their behaviors
  • Old leaders
  • Parliamentary Party vs. Palace
  • Armed Struggle - Not well Success
  • Division among parties
  • Anti Palace - Coalition Factors Influencing Democracy in Nepal

International Relations

  • Role of INGOs/NGOs, Civil Society, Neighbors Interest, International Interest, Aid Cutting, Question on Human Rights

Access to Media and Information

  • Media Flow of Information, FM Radios, Access to television, Mobile Phones, Internet, Social Media,etc

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