Law of unity of opposites

  • Both (exploiter and exploited) were in same purpose, that is production and uniting factor was work but they are totally opposite and alienate. It was not the result of man’s failure to realize himself or the outcome of religious superstitions but it has to do with man’s work and need for livelihood which brought further polarization and ultimately total division of labor.
  • As a result of division, man has on the one hand lost control of process of work and on the other lost control over product of his labor. This has led to dehumanization and depersonalization.
  • Man thus became ‘means’ for other ‘ends’.
  • The product dominates over the producer and machine over the machine maker.
  • A worker cannot buy what he produces and those who can afford possession of products do not work, they are idlers. It creates further struggle and gap.
  • Economic inequality due to the monopoly of surplus value.
  • Widening gap between two classes, haves and haves-not created.
  • Unlimited exploitation-no change in ones exploitation to others.
  • Maximum and compulsory toleration for existence (by labors).
  • Beginning of labor socialization, mobilization and organization due to the huge quantity of labor.

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