Perquisites of Democracy

  • Elections on their own do not make a country democratic
  • Control over government decisions about policy constitutionally vested in elected representatives.
  • Elected representatives chosen in frequent and fair elections.
  • Elected representatives exercise their constitutional powers.
  • All adults have the right to vote in elections.
  • All adults have the right to run for public office.
  • Citizens have the right to express themselves on political matters, defined broadly, without the risk of state punishment.
  • Citizens have the right to seek out alternative sources of information, such as the news media, and such sources are protected by law.
  • Citizens have the right to form independent associations and organizations, including independent political parties and interest groups.
  • Government is autonomous and able to act independently from outside constraints (such as those imposed by alliances and blocs).
  • Citizens concerns are adequately responded and heard by the government.

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