Relationship of political science with history

Intimately connected: without political events, history is only a literature and without history, political science is only a theory. History is past politics and politics is present history.

According to Seeley, “history without political science has no fruits, political science without history has no root.

History provides raw materials to political science Study of political science is possible in the foundation of history.

History is the laboratory of political science. They are interlinked, they are interdependent and interrelated.

Difference between history and political science

  • In their method of treatment, history is narrative with chronological orders, but political science particularize the political events, depicts (describes) and analyze.
  • In scope, history is comprehensive dealing economy, religions, military, social and all aspects but political science deals with state, government authority and political relations.
  • History deals with concrete fact whereas political science deals with ideal and abstract fact.

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