Diffraction | Old is Gold | Class XII

1. Diffraction grating is better than a two –slit set up for measuring the wave length of monochromic light. Explain.

2. What is diffraction of light?

3. Radio waves diffract around building but light waves do not. Why?

4. The diffraction of sound waves is more evident in daily experience than that of light waves, why?

5. Describe what happens to the single slit diffraction pattern when the width of the slit is less than the wave length of the wave.

6. What is self-inductance? Define coefficient of self-inductance.

7. What is diffraction of light? How does it differ from interference of light?

8. Describe the diffraction of light at a single slit and find the condition for secondary maxima and minima.

9. What are the difference between interference and diffraction? Explain the theory of diffraction off light through a single slit.

10. Describe diffraction of light through a single slit.

11. What is the basic difference between interference and diffraction? Discuss Fraunhofer diffraction at a single slit.

12. What is Fraunhoffer diffraction? Explain the formation of maxima and minima due to diffraction? Show that the width of central maxima is inversely proportional to the distance between the two slits.