Physics XI Content

Fluid Static-Old is Gold

    1. Why does ice float in water?
    2. Why is the bottom of a ship madeheavy?
    3. Steel balls sink in water but theydon’t sink in mercury. Why?
    4. Does a ship sink more in riverwater or in sea water? Explain.
    5. Lead has a greater density than iron, and both are denser than water. Is the buoyant force on a lead object greater than, less than, or equal to the buoyant force on as iron object of the same volume?
    6. State the laws of flotation.
    7. What are centre of buoyancy andmetacentre?
    8. A piece of ice is floating in water. Will the water level rise if the ice melts completely? Explain.
    9. Why is easier to lift a body in aliquid than in air?
    10. A helium filled balloon rises to acertain height and then halts. Why?
    11. A cork is floating in water. What is the apparent weight of the cork?
    12. How will you make differencebetween density and specific gravity of a body?
    13. A body floats in a liquid contained in a beaker. The whole system falls under gravity. What is the upthrust on the body due to liquid?
    14. If a cork is released from thebottom of a jar filled with water, what will happen and why?
    15. How will you justify that stone ismore rigid than iron?
    16. Why do bigger air bubbles rise faster than the smaller ones in boiling water?