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About Sociology

1. How this word Sociology is formed ?
Sociology is formed of two Greek and Latin words Socious and Logas where socious means society and logas means science of study. So, in sociology we learn about research, culture, tradition, human behavior of people living in a society. Sociology is a very broad subject. Unlike other subjects, we experiment or learn things theoretically.

Auguste Comte (1798-1857) is a fresh philosopher and is called father of sociology.

Likewise, Dor Bahadur Bista is known as father of sociology in Nepal. After his death, his son Kesar Bahadur Bista also became a socialist and wrote numerous volumes of books. Sociology (as used by A. Comte) is established in 1839.

Sociology is science of society. Sociology is the word used for the first time by Auguste Comte in famous Course De Philosophic Posetive (Posetive Philosopy)

Dor Bahadur Bista has written two books

1. Fatalism and Development (In context of Nepal)

2. The Newars

3. Autai Jat Ko Phulbari

There is also a famous book written by a famous writer about Hinduism. And name of the book is “Why Hindus don’t eat cow?”

Philosophy – Quest (quirisity) of Knowledge

Philosophist – Want of new knowledge, research

Secular – Equal to all religions

  1. <!--[endif]-->Why we are as we are ? Why we do as we do ?

We are influenced by the historical and social forces. Sociology studies the above question in broader view. Sociology is the systematic study of social behavior and human groups. It focuses on the influence of social relationship upon peoples attitudes and behavior as well as on how societies are established and changed.

First we think – attitude

Then we act – behavior

Sociology is the systematic study of social behavior and human groups. It focuses on the influence of social relationship upon peoples attitude and behavior of as well as on how society is established and changed.

Definition of Sociology from different Sociologist

Sociology is the science which attempts, interpretive understanding of social action. (Sociology is the science which helps to understand social action)

- Max Weber

   Sociology deals with the behavior of men in groups.
- K. Young

   Sociology is the study of human interaction and interrelation, their conditions and consequences.
- M. Ginsberg

   Sociology is about social relationships, the net of relationship we call society.
- Maclver & Page

   Sociology is the scientific study of the social life.
- Young and Mac

   Sociology is the systematic description and explanation of society as a whole.
- Emile Durkheim

   Sociology is the study of interactions between different parts of society.
- Hebert Spencer

   Sociology is the science of social phenomena subject ti natural and invariable laws, the discovery which is the subject of investigation.
- Augste Comte

Augste Comte (a French philosopher), Emite Durlchaim (a French philosopher), Herbet Spencer (a british sociologist) and Max Weber (German sociologist) are considered as four founding fathers of sociology as they contributed a lot to develop this discipline.

Human beings are a social animal by nature as we cannot live alone or individually. This means we need society to for our survival. There are various social relations such as interaction, help, cooperation as well as conflict. All the above relationships lead the society towards the right path.

In conclusion, we can say that sociology is the discipline which always concerns with social relationship. The subject matter of sociology is the society rather than the individual. It tries to find out the evolution of human society. It’s stricture, it’s systems, the development of social institutions, their functions etc. Likewise, the norms and values of the society, tradition, culture, the interdependence of family kinship (relationship, relation with in us in society); ethnic/religious groups, state and distribution of resources, production system etc. also come under sociology.

Four father of Sociology

1. Augste Comte

2. Max Weber

3. Herbet Spencer

4. Emile Durkheim

After observing all the definition given by sociologists about sociology, we can conclude that :

  • Sociology is the science of society
  • Sociology is the science of Relationships
  • Sociology is the study of social life
  • Sociology is the human behavior in groups
  • Sociology is the study of social action
  • Sociology is the study of social groups and social systems

So, Sociology is always concerned with human society and their social relationships.

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