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Describe the scope of sociology

Sociology has broad and wide scope. Sociology is very elastically science; it is very difficult to determine just where it ends. V.F. Calberton has his important remarks regarding the scope of sociology. There is a controversy among the sociologists about its area of study. A group of sociologist tried to limit its area where the other groups of sociologist deny it or are against it. There are two schools of thoughts:

  1. Specialistic or Formalistic school of thought
  2. Synthetic school of thought

Sociologists of Formalistic school of thought say sociology should study only the form of social relationship. Sociologist of this school of thought says sociology should only study about the society. Some sociologists following this school of thought are George Simmel, Max Weber, Von Wise, Tonnies, Vier Kandt.

Sociologists of synthetic school of thought thinks all the organs of social life are inter-related and interdependent. So, sociology should study over all society and social life. Some sociologists following this thought are Emmile Durkhaim, Hob House, Gins Bers, P.A. Sorkin, Manntheins.

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