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Meaning of Sociology

Sociology is the youngest of the social science. Its major concern is society, and hence to is popularly known as the “Science of Society”.

Etymological, the term sociological is the combination of two words. One Latine words- ‘Societus’ and other Greek words-logos’, in which ‘Societus’ means society and logos’ means study or Science. In this way etymological meaning of Sociology is the Study of the Society or Science of the Society.


Different Scholars have defined Sociology in different ways. Though the content of definition is the same, definitions very from person to person.

  1. “Sociology is a science of Society.” –L.F Ward
  2. “Sociology is about Social relationship, the net of relationship, we call Society”-MacIver and Page
  3. “Sociology is the Study of human interaction and interrelation, their conditions and consequence”-M.Ginsberg
  4. “Sociology is the scientific study of the structure of social life”-Young and Mack
  • Sociology is the study of human behavior in groups.
  • Sociology is the study of social action.
  • Sociology is the study of social groups or social system
  • Sociology is the study of forms of social relationship.

Sociologist tries to find out the evolution of society while studying Society. Similarly, to find out and discover nature and interdependence of Social structure, development of social institution, their functions, customs, value of mobilizing of social relation, human made groups and history of community, family, caste, government, economic, group, religious group etc and phenomena of social change are the functions of sociologists.

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